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OHC Announces Launch Of OHCEngage+, a Premium Membership Platform Revolutionizing Community Engagement



Faith Boone, Editorial Content Manager

Our Health Community



OHC Announces Launch Of OHCEngage+, a Premium Membership Platform Revolutionizing Community Engagement

CLEVELAND, OH – Our Healthy Community (OHC) is thrilled to announce the launch of OHCEngage+, a trailblazing, health equity-focused social collaborative platform set to transform community engagement. OHCEngage+ is specifically designed to revolutionize how communities connect and collaborate, offering an array of tailored support systems, enhanced features, and exclusive opportunities for premium members.

OHCEngage+ is a product of OHCEngage, a vibrant digital community hub where members can engage in consistent conversations around health equity to empower themselves and their communities. Whether before, during, or after an in-person or OHCEngage+ hosted digital event, OHCEngage+ ensures that these vital discussions remain active and impactful. At the heart of OHCEngage+ are unparalleled opportunities for connection and collaboration. Members can:

  • Connect with Like-Minded Change-Makers: Engage with like-minded individuals and groups on a variety of health equity-related topics.

  • Collaborate on Innovation Projects: Join regional groups to collaborate with organizations for research and innovation projects, hosting meetings, and sharing materials.

  • Cultivate Collective Growth: Foster a spirit of collective growth and innovation for specific initiatives within their industry. 

“Community trust and engagement are at the heart of our mission,” says Silas Buchanan, Founder and CEO of OHC. “In my discussions with leaders of underserved faith and community-based organizations—those pivotal entities that bridge community members and healthcare stakeholders—we often delve into strategies to strengthen these relationships and improve community health outcomes.”

Buchanan continues, explaining how these conversations frequently touch on the lack of trust, the impact of social determinants of health, and the pervasive issue of systemic racism. The legacy of inequitable, racist, and cruel treatment within the clinical trial enterprise remains a significant barrier to trust.

“OHCEngage+ is designed to build that trust by empowering community-based organization leaders—individuals who are deeply embedded in and trusted by their communities. This platform enhances engagement and fosters a sense of belonging among our members," adds Buchanan.

When members join to create a space of their own, OHCEngage+ offers a custom, white-label, branded platform experience. This feature ensures community members perceive a sense of familiarity and affinity with the platform. Members can also access exclusive content developed with insights and materials from OHC partnerships.

OHCEngage+ is more than just a platform - it's a partnership. With tiered membership options, members gain much more than just access to a digital space. They become part of a dynamic, thriving ecosystem that's been tailored to foster growth, learning, and connectivity. 

Request a demo of OHCEngage+ today! To discover more about OHCEngage+ and how it can benefit your organization and community, visit

About Our Healthy Community (OHC)

OHC is a community-first engagement and innovation company focused on building platforms, programs, and resources that address community needs. OHC develops cutting-edge tools and strategies that promote health equity. OHC's mission is to bridge the gap between faith-based organizations, community organizations, and the healthcare industry, working towards achieving health equity for all. Learn more at


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