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What we do

We create thriving ecosystems for the community out of which comes:

Equitable partnerships with the healthcare industry

Community-vetted materials and campaigns

Educational content

Co-developed resources

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and so much more

We always engage with the community on their terms and demand a seat at the table for all underrepresented community members. 

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Community ecosystem creation and moderation 

Making safe spaces to improve community health 

Everything we do is built around improving community health outcomes by bringing people together. Our goal is to create digital spaces where the community feels free to learn, share, and express their opinion around every health issue affecting them. We build these spaces, invite the community, and then, when appropriate, bring external voices and resources to the table. 

Material production and review

Creating clear resources vetted by the community

We discuss important health topics with the community and then create materials that clearly communicate information, tips, and areas of focus. We then show these materials to the community again for further feedback and opinions. For us, these community resources are always open for discussion and change. At the end of the process, we have material that’s easy to understand and will resonate with community. 

Educational content creation and curation

Learnings for the wider community 

We utilize our community engagement process to create free educational community content. Through our work, we come across scientists, data analysts, and other healthcare professionals who have decades of experience in community education. Through our collaborative platform, we work closely with these individuals to structure courses, webinars, and live streams that inform and enlighten the community. 

Clinical Research Audience Testing 

Bringing the community into the process of developing clinical research 

Our team is committed to giving people in underrepresented communities access to those who develop clinical research materials and tools. Through our program the Research Literacy and Justice Project, we team up with our partners at Health Literacy Media to conduct open and intentional conversation around access and participation in clinical research. 

Qualitative + quantitative reporting and analysis 

Finding valuable insights into the data of community engagement and reporting results back to the community

As we engage with the community through our platform and audience testing, our expert data science team pulls together reporting and analysis that informs the development of new tools and resources for the community. First and foremost, we always share these insights with faith and community based organizations to use as they please.

Community marketing and media engagement 

Supporting community partners and extending their reach 

Our community partners create tools, programs, and content that educate, entertain, and enrich the community. We use our expertise in marketing and media to create awareness around their efforts both within the network of OHCEngage and the community at large. We create space in our marketing mechanism for the community and are always asking “What’s next?” so we can tell the world about it.

In OHCEngage, we bring community organizations together to share resources, address health disparities, converse with healthcare stakeholders, and do so much more. This platform is a community hub where members can engage in consistent conversations about their collective questions, needs, and capabilities. 

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