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OHC utilizes its cutting-edge collaborative platform, OHCEngage, to connect organizations, allow them to co-develop new tools, and work closely with healthcare organizations on impactful solutions. 

Creating health equity

​OHC builds bridges between community organizations, community members, and the healthcare industry to create a system where health equity is consistently improving.

We’re helping communities connect and share information that can generate positive shifts and collaborations, resulting in real action being taken to combat today’s health disparities.


OHCEngage is a community platform designed to connect community-based and faith-based organizations, providing them with a safe space to come together and share healthcare resources and information. 

This digital environment serves as a hub for discussions surrounding health equity issues and health disparities, where members actively engage and contribute to conversations. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, OHCEngage aims to empower communities to address health challenges collectively and work towards achieving greater health equity.

How we engage

Through OHCEngage, we offer education and data back to the community while we also ask them what resources they need to create better health outcomes. 


Community education focused on health equity, providing knowledge
and tools to address health disparities and promote equitable healthcare practices.


A community platform designed to connect community members to discuss issues related to health equity and
health disparities in
their neighborhoods.

Research and surveys

We gather data that will help further positive initiatives focused on health equity, allowing members and healthcare organizations to better understand the specific needs and challenges faced by communities.


In OHCEngage, we bring community organizations together to share resources, address health disparities, converse with healthcare stakeholders, and do so much more. This platform is a community hub where members can engage in consistent conversations about their collective questions, needs, and capabilities. 

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