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We need community leaders, faith leaders, librarians, and librarian scientists to join this initiative!

Be a voice for

Health Equity & Justice

OurHealthyCommunity (OHC) an African American-led, equity-focused community engagement platform, in partnership with Health Literacy Media, and community leaders like you, is forming The Research Literacy and Justice Project, with the support of the Network of National Library of Medicine (NNLM) through a Health Information Outreach Award.

The ultimate goal of The Research Literacy and Justice Project is to develop a health-literate, culturally competent, actionable health toolkit, to improve the health of underserved communities. To do that, we need the help of community- and faith-based leaders, librarians, and librarian scientists! Keep scrolling to learn more and join our effort!

This unique, groundbreaking, "for us, by us" effort will:

Support community-led conversations around health research with the help of librarians and librarian scientists and community- and faith-based organization leaders

Build trust with and empower underserved community members to better advocate for themselves, their health, and their communities

Improve the health and wellbeing of underserved communities and community members and through equitable partnerships

What makes us different?

It's our health, too

To improve the health of our communities, we want to answer questions like:

What health conditions are people in our communities most concerned about?

What health conditions do people in our communities feel need more health research?

What do people in our communities know about health research or “clinical trials”?

When community members hear about health research or “clinical trials,” what concerns do they talk about? 

Where and how do people in our communities want to learn about health research? 

Who are the trusted sources of health information and health research information in our communities?

We want to create something together

We'll use what we learn, and together with you, we'll create a clinical trials toolkit designed to increase the participation of historically underrepresented population and communities in clinical research, paying special attention to the health and experiences of African American, Latino, rural, and urban communities.

We're bringing you to the table

We want to bring together 15 community partners, who are librarians or librarian scientists, community- and faith-based organization leaders in Georgia who represent diverse populations, to help create a clinical trials toolkit.

Join the conversation

If this speaks to you, join the conversation. Sign up to learn more about this project:

Thank you! A member from our team will connect with you!

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