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Diversifying clinical research participation

Revolutionizing healthcare by powering diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical research and beyond.

Our community-based partners are equitably compensated for their time and valuable insights, and we share our findings through reports customized for both our community-based partners and our industry partners:

RLJP Industry Reports: For our life science industry partners to improve their cultural competency and understanding of how best to engage with underserved communities and communities of color

RLJP Community Reports: For our community-based partners designed to give them access to the same community specific data and information that we share with our life science industry partners

RLJP Insight Reports: For both our life science industry partners and our community-based partners to provide insights on underserved community members living with a specific or rare disease

RLJP Custom Reports: For our life science industry partners that have a specific project or criteria that requires a custom set of feedback to create more equitable resources and/or processes

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