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Who we impact

OHC impacts community-based organizations, their faith-based counterparts, and healthcare stakeholders by connecting them to each other and valuable resources through OHCEngage. 

Community Partners 

Improving health equity by building bridges between community-based organizations and the healthcare industry

Healthcare Industry

Developing authentic, mutually beneficial engagements between community partners and healthcare stakeholders


Through OHCEngage, community partners and healthcare stakeholders can come together to address health equity issues and combat health disparities in their communities.


This platform serves as a hub for discussions, allowing members to actively engage and contribute to conversations surrounding health challenges.

OHCEngage enables organizations to connect and share valuable healthcare resources and information. This safe space allows them to collaborate on initiatives aimed at addressing health equity challenges specific to their neighborhoods.

Through OHCEngage, organizations can access:

Trainings focused on health equity

Resources to gain knowledge, gather data through
research and surveys

Tools to address health disparities

By leveraging these resources, community-based organizations and healthcare stakeholders can better understand the specific needs and challenges faced by their communities. 


This collaborative approach leads to targeted actions and positive change in promoting equitable healthcare practices. 


The objective is to facilitate dialogue, identify areas of need, and collaborate on initiatives that promote equitable healthcare practices, working towards greater health equity.

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