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Our process

OHC’s unique community engagement process is community-led and focuses on co-creating valuable insights, materials, and campaigns. Through years of experience, we’ve learned that communities know what they want and what they need.


It’s our job to listen to those needs, help structure feedback, and create equitable partnerships with the healthcare industry that yield valuable resources to the community.

1, we connect. 2, we collaborate. 3, we communicate. 4, we co-create

We connect

Our first step is to connect with community and connect communities together for conversation and direct, unfiltered feedback. Through these open conversations, community members can share stories, best practices, and needs.


The OHC team then works to address these needs by building equitable relationships between communities and the healthcare industry.

We collaborate

We collaborate with community and the healthcare industry to build mutually beneficial partnerships, and we ensure that these groups collaborate with each other.


Communities deserve access to the resources, materials, and rooms they need to succeed, and healthcare needs to hear unfiltered voices from underrepresented communities. Collaboration is key to building stronger communities. 

We communicate

As we hold these conversations, we communicate clearly and effectively to both community and healthcare in ways that deliver value to them.


For us, it’s always about sharing our findings with communities so that they can use them as they see fit. We always give data, analytics, materials, and reporting back to the community for free. By communicating expectations and findings, we can build trust and useful tools. 

We co-create

The work we do with community is about bringing existing resources to the table and developing new ones, but none of that work happens in isolation. Through our process, community doesn’t just give feedback, they co-create.


We involve community members in the development process from beginning to end, ensuring that what we make for community actually works in the communities we serve. 


In OHCEngage, we bring community organizations together to share resources, address health disparities, converse with healthcare stakeholders, and do so much more. This platform is a community hub where members can engage in consistent conversations about their collective questions, needs, and capabilities. 

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