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About us

OHC is a community-first engagement and innovation company focused on building platforms, programs, and resources that address community needs. We develop cutting-edge tools and strategies that promote health equity.


OHC's mission is to bridge the gap between faith-based organizations, community organizations, and the healthcare industry, working towards achieving health equity for all.


We offer communities the ability to connect, collaborate, and share valuable healthcare resources through our platform, OHCEngage.

We strive to generate positive initiatives that address health disparities and promote greater health equity in our communities,  through:







We believe in creating a healthcare system where everyone has equal access to quality care and opportunities for good health.


We foster partnerships and collaboration among community organizations, healthcare stakeholders, and individuals to work together towards achieving health equity.


We empower communities by providing them with the resources, knowledge, and tools necessary to address health disparities and take action towards positive change.


We value and respect the diverse perspectives and needs of all individuals and communities, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard and considered in our efforts to promote equitable healthcare practices.

OHC is equity in action

Learn more about the people behind OHC and how we work.

Our team

Behind OHC is a group of people who are passionate about, committed to, and connected in the community.

Our process

Our true community-first approach to health equity is new and unlike anything else that exists.

Our partners

Our partners are committed to create lasting andequitable sustainable change in communities.

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