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OHCEngage+ and Facebook: A Comprehensive Comparison

Understanding End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) in the African American Community

[30 Second Overview]:

  • Support and Customization: OHCEngage+ provides customized support with private spaces and monthly reports, unlike Facebook's one-size-fits-all approach which lacks the necessary customization for community-based organizations (CBOs) and faith-based organizations (FBOs).

  • Exclusive Growth and Engagement Opportunities: OHCEngage+ offers access to a national network and focus groups for targeted growth, while Facebook's broad reach doesn't cater specifically to community organizations' goals.

  • Credibility, Trust, and DEI Prioritization: OHCEngage+ builds trust and credibility with a strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, whereas Facebook has faced issues with content moderation and algorithmic bias.

When it comes to digital platforms for community and faith-based organizations, OHCEngage+ outshines Facebook in several key aspects, with the starkest being that Facebook simply lacks the depth necessary for specialized support. 

Customized Support

OHCEngage+ offers customizable support, including private spaces and monthly reports, addressing the unique needs of these organizations. In contrast, Facebook's one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t offer the same customization and support needed to truly meet and exceed the communication needs of CBOs and FBOs.

Growth and Engagement

OHCEngage+ provides exclusive opportunities for growth and engagement, such as access to a national network of resources and participation in focus groups. While Facebook offers broad reach, it lacks the targeted support that is crucial for the specific goals of community organizations.

Credibility and Trust

Alignment with OHCEngage+ lends credibility and trust within communities, fostering stronger relationships. Facebook's widespread recognition may not translate to the same level of trust within these specialized organizations.

DEI Prioritization

OHCEngage+ prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion through initiatives like Community Insight engagements, ensuring every voice is heard. In contrast, Facebook has faced criticism for issues like content moderation and algorithmic bias.

The decision will be different for each organization and its specific needs. OHCEngage+ offers many compelling benefits for community and faith-based organizations seeking specialized support, exclusive opportunities, credibility, and a commitment to equity and inclusion.

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