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Promoting Inclusive Clinical Trials: Bridging the Gap for Better Healthcare

Promoting Inclusive Clinical Trials

[30 Second Overview]:

  • Why inclusive clinical trials are crucial for equitable healthcare in our thought-provoking blog featuring the Milken Institute's "Inclusive Clinical Trials: Meeting in the Middle" article by Silas Buchanan, Our Healthy Community's Founder and CEO.

  • Barriers faced by marginalized communities and call to action for healthcare stakeholders, and practical strategies for fostering inclusivity. 

  • Explore the full article at and join the conversation on advancing healthcare equity through diverse representation in clinical research.

Every person, regardless of their background, deserves access to cutting-edge treatments and therapies. This ethos forms the foundation of our commitment to promoting inclusive clinical trials, and today, we're excited to shine a spotlight on a thought-provoking piece by the Milken Institute that delves into this very topic.

Exploring the Milken Institute’s Insights:

The Milken Institute's article, "Inclusive Clinical Trials: Meeting in the Middle," written by Our Healthy Community (OHC) Founder and CEO Silas Buchanan, provides an insightful exploration of the importance of inclusivity in clinical trials and the barriers that often hinder progress in this area. 

It highlights the disparities in healthcare access and outcomes faced by marginalized communities while emphasizing the critical need for more diverse representation in clinical research.


At the heart of the article lies a call to action for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate and implement strategies that foster inclusivity in clinical trials. From leveraging technology to reach underserved populations to addressing structural barriers that hinder participation, the piece offers practical solutions to bridge the gap and ensure that clinical trials reflect the diversity of the patient population.

Challenges and Solutions:

While diversity in clinical trials is important, there are wounds that need to be healed before minority populations may feel comfortable participating.

“These frustrations do not seem completely intractable, but they are steeped in a well-earned lack of trust in clinical research, exacerbated by the inability of researchers to clearly articulate why they should engender trust,” Buchanan says in his article.”And a lack of trust in the leadership of influential faith and community-based organizations easily translates to community members as well.”

Join the Conversation on Inclusive Clinical Trials:

Making systemic change happen requires passionate individuals who are devoted to advancing healthcare equity and fostering inclusivity in all aspects of medical research.

Reading the full article by the Milken Institute at is a start. But it’s imperative to not stop there. Instead, dive deeper into the conversation surrounding inclusive clinical trials.


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