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Community-first, always.

OHC is a community-first engagement and innovation company focused on building platforms, programs, and resources that address health disparities and support health equity in communities through:





Community-first looks like this.

Community-vetted materials and campaigns

Co-developed resources

Educational content

Equitable partnerships with the healthcare industry

What we do

A unique approach

OHC’s unique community engagement process focuses on being led by the community, co-creating valuable insights, materials, and campaigns.

Here's how we do that:

1, we connect. 2, we collaborate. 3, we communicate. 4, we co-create

OHCEngage: A community resource platform

In OHCEngage, we bring community organizations together to share resources, address health disparities, converse with healthcare stakeholders, and do so much more. This platform is a community hub where members can engage in consistent conversations about their collective questions, needs, and capabilities. 

How will you engage with OHC?

Through years of experience, we’ve learned that communities know what they want and what they need. It’s our job to listen to those needs, help structure feedback, and create partnerships with the healthcare industry that yield valuable resources to the community.

Community Partners

Improving health equity by building bridges between community-based organizations and the healthcare industry

Healthcare Industry

Developing authentic, mutually beneficial engagements between community partners and healthcare stakeholders

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