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Improving health equity

Our Healthy Community (OHC) is a world-class, culturally appropriate web-based collaborative space for underserved faith and community-based organizations to drive equitable partnerships that help:

Empower community members

Reduce health disparities

Improve health outcomes

Encourage community collaboration 

What we do

What we do

We shorten the distance between trusted community organizations, community members, and the healthcare industry to create an ecosystem where health equity can consistently improve.

We drive equitable partnerships between community based organizations (CBOs) and:

Community members

Government agencies

Healthcare stakeholders

Academic institutions

This is a new approach to health equity.

OHC is powerful and culturally appropriate outreach and engagement for underserved communities.

Our Healthy Community
How we do it

An effort built for the community, by the community

OHC is community-first, community-forward effort! We address the obstacles of health equity by creating a collaborative ecosystem for cooperation and action.

FBOs and CBOs are key

Faith and community-based organizations (CBOs) are trusted by their community members.

Linking them into a national network constructs a culturally appropriate model for crafting community-based approaches that improve health equity.

Collaboration at it's best

The OHC platform links CBOs locally, regionally, and nationally, and enables them to reach more community members.

Our best-in-class technology helps our CBOs to exchange ideas, combine data, share experiences, and engage community.

Support from the OHC team

No matter their location, all of our CBOs are connected and offered a variety of resources to strengthen them.


The OHC team works directly with them to empower them, help them connect with each other, and more effectively engage community.

Join us

Join us in reducing health disparities

Our Healthy Community (OHC) is an unprecedented network of local, regional, and national faith and community-based organizations (CBOs) that are committed to improving health equity, health outcomes, and reducing health disparities in our own communities.


We give you the tools to outreach, engage and connect with your own community members as well. If you’re ready to make a difference in your community, Join us!

 It's as easy as 1-2-3!


Simply click the join button below and complete a quick survey for your organization.


Gain immediate enrollment in the Text4Wellness campaign to connect with your community.


Receive immediate, valuable feedback from your community and prepare for a personal welcome to OHC!



In Partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine

Text4Wellness (T4W) is a two-way, real-time, text messaging campaign that supports CBOs trusted relationships with underserved community members by delivering culturally relevant and actionable text messages. T4W educates, motivates, and empowers community members to make healthier choices.

Text 4 Wellness Phone

What to expect

Access to a comprehensive, ready-to-use texting campaign that delivers health messages on healthy eating, active living, and other useful guidance in the COVID-19 era

Periodical check-ins with the OHC team to maximize impact and effectiveness

Strategic, culturally appropriate social media posts and other tools to effectively promote the campaign both online and offline in your community

Who we are

Who we are

Behind OHC is a group of people who are:

Fluent in the communities we serve

Relentless in our pursuit to drive equity

with community partners

Passionate because this
work is personal



Morehouse School of Medicine
National COVID-19 Resiliency Network
Health Literacy Media

Strategic alliances

National Library of Medicine
Milken Institute FasterCures
National institute of health
American Telemedicine Association
Gravity Project
Personalized Medicine Coalition
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