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About the POBMovement

The Protect Our Babies Movement (@pobmovement) is a culturally specific approach to reduce infant mortality rates in Black babies.


The POB Movement was developed utilizing academic “bench” science and community residents’ “trench” knowledge. It is grounded in a philosophy of community-based participatory public health as social justice, and based on the understanding that cultural beliefs and practices can be both protective and harmful. 


The POB Movement uses SMS (texting) and social media to disseminate information and collect data. We work in tight partnership with faith and community-based organizations including corner stores, barbers, stylists, and nail techs. We provide all collateral material and simply ask these trusted Community Partners to promote the POB Movement to their constituents, congregants, members and clients. We then ask community members to TEXT “Infant” to 30644 and/or to “Like Us”, and share us, within their very own social media network. 


@pobmovement is accessible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Core themes for the POB Movement include: acknowledging and reducing racial disparities in infant mortality, improving community member’s knowledge about stress and its impact on premature births, supporting partnerships with medical care and social services systems, and driving community ownership and mobilization. Strategies include using social media, multimedia, texting and literary arts to foster community dialogue and raise awareness, drive culturally appropriate outreach and education, and improve self-advocacy, mentorship and support. 


We aim to scrutinize the effect of our partnership activities on changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that are thought to influence maternal and infant health; and effecting changes in personal and organizational policy and practice.


The Protect Our Babies Movement (@pobmovement) is produced by (OHC). 


OHC is led by a team of experienced underserved community, and patient/consumer, outreach and engagement strategists. We develop web-based ecosystems that solve for known, underserved community outreach and engagement failure points. 


We have deep underserved-community intelligence and contacts, and have expertise in recruiting, activating and connecting with trusted faith and community-based organizations. We then leverage technology to successfully shorten the distance between underserved communities and various public/private stakeholders because we recognize the need to: 


Pay attention to histories of marginalization and mistrust 

Have transparent discussions of power 

Build on community strengths and local knowledge 

Encourage cooperation

Identify opportunities for co-learning 

Make important efforts to protect the well-being, interests, and rights of communities 

Make important efforts towards sustainability, systems development, and capacity building.


To learn more contact Silas Buchanan, [email protected]

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