e-Health Equity


OHC believes that every individual should be engaged and empowered to use technology to better manage and improve their health. However, many Health Information Technology (HIT) tools, trackers, applications, and devices are complex, not culturally-specific and sometimes intimidating to our underserved patient/consumers. As physicians, hospital systems and other providers are currently being federally incentivized and subsidized to adopt HIT solutions, patient/consumers, particularly underserved patient/consumers, are often left unaware of the potentially transformative impact that HIT adoption can have on their lives. As a result, our underserved patient/consumers are at an increased risk of suffering greater disparities in health and health care simply because they are not being meaningfully engaged in the current technological shift.

HIT solutions must be designed and developed to provide underserved community members with utility within the context of their daily lives. OHC strongly advocates designing and building HIT interventions for our targeted individuals with input from our targeted individuals and then directly promoting usage to our targeted individuals. Ideally, this is done in concert with our trusted Community Partners that are embedded in our targeted communities.

To achieve this, OHC is establishing partnerships with leading HIT developers to create partnerships that will engage our Community Partner organizations and leverage them to more credibly reach, activate and empower our underserved community members.