We Coordinate All of The Stakeholders To Improve The Health Of Our Communities

Social Media

Most organizations understand the potential power of social media to connect with both old and new supporters, advocates, and client. However, few organizations have the time and strategy to effectively develop a strong social media presence.

We work hard to shorten the distance and increase the equity between your organization, your community members, and the health care systems, providers and payers that serve your neighborhood. Through our interactive technology, we support Community Partners in building awareness, gaining recognition, and improving health outcomes for their community members. OHC uses SMS (Texting), and other social media platforms to keep community members informed, engaged and connected.


Community Advisory Board

An effective Community Advisory Board (CAB) can have a substantial influence on an institution’s ability to implement an impactful community outreach and engagement strategy. Organizations that support CABs acquire vital information and data about their target audience.

By utilizing the interactive OHC web-based platform to implement CABs, organizations can bypass their traditional difficulties in recruiting and engaging community members and simply focus on their work. The OHC team guides the formation and execution of CABs. We then offer a variety of resources and tools to facilitate culturally-sensitive recruitment and engagement with your CAB members.

Allow OHC to convene your CAB and energize your community engagement strategies today!


Training Solutions

Employees and volunteers who are properly trained and informed are the best resources for organizational mission fulfillment. Unfortunately, tight budgets and geographically-dispersed teams can make it challenging for nonprofits to bring staff and volunteers together to learn and work together. Through our web interface, OHC helps organizations save money on training and teambuilding, while streamlining service delivery and reporting activities.


Collaboration Center

In order to maximize service delivery, OHC fosters collaboration between like-minded, community-facing organizations. We offer a full range of tools available within the platform, providing a focused area through which agencies can interface and support each other. Campaign Groups and messages can be set to "open,""private," or" secret" in the privacy settings in order to protect valuable information. Submitted ideas receive feedback in the form of likes, votes and comments


OHC Campaign Coordinator

We believe that the issues our societies face are best solved at the community level, which is what makes the OHC platform so strong. We support local leaders in promoting population health by providing resources, tools, and support from our dedicated staff. Our passionate Campaign Managers and Coordinators not only fortify the work of our Community Partners, but also gather their insight to shape the mission and approach of future community engagement strategies.


Data Collection and Sharing

OHC Campaign Managers provide reports on “Campaign and Lessons Learned “to Campaign Sponsors. These reporting mechanisms are designed to help our Campaign Sponsors to reach their Key Performance Indicators such as Eligibility Inquiry, Membership Retention, and the acknowledgement of Super-Utilizer (c).


Community Feedback

We understand our Campaign Sponsors need feedback from Community Members, so the OHC platform also provides “Democratized Campaign” feedback directly from targeted Community Members. This approach gives a voice to our Community Members, and allows us to learn from their unique and valuable perspective.