OHC Partner Detail

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Focus Area: Community Members

OHC believes that engendering trust in underserved communities is a critical component to any successful engagement or campaign. A lack of trust by the leadership of influential faith and community-based organizations in underserved communities can easily translate to community members as well.

As Campaign Sponsors, Community Partners, and other stakeholders are actively adopting eHealth solutions, patient/consumers, particularly underserved patient/consumers, are often left unaware of the potentially transformative impact that eHealth adoption can have on their lives. OHC believes that we must also find a way to elevate consumers, particularly underserved consumers, up towards technology. It is critical that every American understand the benefits of adopting and utilizing eHealth to improve their health outcomes, and imperative that the current disparities in health and healthcare not be exacerbated by a lack of thoughtful exposure, active engagement and/or culturally appropriate education around these benefits.