OHC Partner Detail

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Focus Are: Community Partner

OHC has created strategic partnerships with well-established local, regional and national Community Partners who support community outreach and engagement. These partnerships allow the OHC platform to gain traction with the most trusted community-facing organizations and groups. Connecting our Community Partners onto the OHC collaborative platform strengthens them and increases their individual and collective capacity. It levels the playing field and gives OHC the strategic resources required to drive sustainable engagement in the communities we aim to serve.

OHC has proven success at engaging and recruiting, activating and connecting underserved community and faith-based organizations because we recognize the need to:

i. Pay attention to histories of marginalization and mistrust

ii. Have transparent discussions about power

iii. Build on community strengths and local knowledge

iv. Encourage cooperation

v. Identify opportunities for co-learning

vi. Make important efforts towards sustainability, systems development, and capacity building; and

vii. Take vital steps to protect the well-being, interests, and social justice of communities.


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