OurHealthyCommunity (OHC) is a social impact firm that stays true to its original community engagement mission of improving the health, economic opportunity, education and civic engagement of underserved communities through the innovative use of technology.

OHC is a culturally appropriate collaborative space, and training site for the leadership of underserved, faith and community-based organizations (Community Partners). We leverage the OHC platform to connect our Community Partners with qualified healthcare Payer, Provider, Government and Academic stakeholders. These public/private Campaign Sponsors have long needed credible and consistent access to Community Partners and, more importantly, to our underserved Community Members, beyond traditional local media and events (TV, Radio, Billboards, Health Fairs).

The OHC platform is free for faith and community-based organizations to join and offered in a culturally appropriate format with the look and feel of a trusted and familiar community partner. Community Partners simply register with OHC and are then linked together and receive an online overview and training on the OHC objectives, tactics and strategies. Community Partners can then collaborate, comment, view collateral material, outreach/engagement plans and play an active role in successfully delivering a community-based health improvement campaign brought by a Campaign Sponsor.

As electronic communication gaps are rapidly closing OHC uses an integrated digital community engagement strategy to shorten the distance between public/private stakeholders, faith and community-based organizations and underserved community members. This digital community engagement and direct communication strategy uses customized SMS (text), and social media messaging, as well as offline strategies to engage, and deliver clear actionable information to underserved community members, and collect important data from them. Most community members will be activated via a trusted faith or community-based organization in their neighborhood.

The OHC platform also provides robust data on Community Partner and community member activation and engagement. Through weekly reviews, our team identifies Community Partners that are having the most success at engaging community members and we share those strategies with other Community Partners needing additional support. Information collected from all stakeholders is used to ensure that underserved community health improvement efforts are reaching the targeted populations, and achieving the intended outcomes.

OHC has proven success at engaging and recruiting, activating and connecting underserved community and faith-based organizations by recognizing the need to pay attention to histories of marginalization and mistrust; having transparent discussions about power; building on community strengths and local knowledge; encouraging cooperation; identifying opportunities for co-learning and making important efforts towards sustainability, systems development, and capacity building.

Welcome to a new and “democratized approach” to community outreach and engagement. Welcome to OHC!